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Ulnar Decompression

The goal of ulnar decompression is to explore the nerve in the region around the elbow through which the ulnar nerve passes and remove any compressive forces that are causing the neuropathy or dysfunction of the nerve.

Several surgical procedures are available to relieve the entrapment of the nerve at the elbow. The nerve may be simply decompressed. Alternatively, the nerve may be decompressed and transposed (moved) to a new location.

The ulnar nerve runs from your shoulder to your little finger. It supplies sensation and strength to a portion of the forearm and hand. It is also responsible for the “funny bone” phenomenon when you hit your elbow.

As the ulnar nerve courses past the elbow it may become compressed or trapped. When this happens, the pressure on the ulnar nerve may cause weakness, pain, or numbness and tingling in the little finger and half of the ring finger.